RITA Supports for Cancer Treatment

Radio-Isotope Therapy of America (RITA) Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization (IRS 501-3) that t was registered in.
the State of Texas on February 2, 2004, and received its charitable status in December of 2004.
RITA Foundation has the following goals and initiatives in both clinical and research area to fight against cancer:
A. Digital Mammography for Breast Cancer
Provide screening for breast cancer which is the most c common cancer in women. RITA Foundation in collaboration with Westchase
Imaging, Ltd. offers 3D-Digital Mammography for screening breast cancer in women. This imaging modality has significantly
higher resolution and can diagnose cancer at a very early stage. Patients can self-refer for screening. Qualified patients can
receive the service at a significantly discounted price. Medicare, Medicaid and other major insurances are accepted.

B. Alpha Therapy (TAT) with Ac-225 PSMA
RITA Foundation is currently supporting Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) with Ac-225 PSMA for patients with metastatic Castration.
Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC). This therapy is offered under an Investigational New Drug (IND) application approved by
FDA. Dr. Ebrahim Delpassand is the sponsor and Principal investigator of this IND. This treatment is offered for the first time in
the United States, with the full effective dose of the drug (Not a dose escalation). These treatments are offered in collaboration.
with Excel Diagnostics and Nuclear Oncology Center, in Houston, Texas.

C. New Drugs Research Cancers
RITA also sponsors novel basic research projects. These projects involve labeling novel biochemical agents with therapeutic radioactive.
materials to create compounds for diagnosis and therapy of cancer. This is also called targeted radionuclide therapy.
which is believed to be the wave of the future in treatment of cancer. RITAs special focus is on research on FDA designated.
Orphan Diseases. These are diseases that because of their lower prevalence are not attractive for typical pharmaceutical companies.
for research and development.
D. Educate Public on Early Diagnosis of Cancer
RITA also educates the public regarding screening and early diagnosis of cancer and information about new targeted and personalized.
therapy of cancer by organizing educational seminars through its outreach program.

RITA Board of Directors

President: Azar Delpassand

Vice President: Nasrin Hakim

Treasurer: Brittney Stewart

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Secretary: Susan Cork

RITA Independent Consultants

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RITA Supporters

Westchase Imaging, LTD
Excel Diagnostics & Nuclear Oncology Center, LTD WEBSITE
Ebrahim S. Delpassand, M.D.
Our patients, their relatives and their friends.
Other charitable organization.

RITA Non-Profit Charitable Status 501(c)(3)
Radio-Isotope Therapy of America (RITA) Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization ( IRS 501- 3 ) that was registered in
the State of Texas on February 2, 2004 and received its charitable status in December of 2004. Click Here to view the approval
letters from State of Texas and Internal Revenue Services, IRS.
RITA Logo Information
RITA Foundation’s logo consists of a White Ribbon forming an “R” symbolizing cancer awareness, complimented by the Sun, symbolizing
hope for tomorrow.

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