Personalized Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy...

Radio-Isotope Therapy of America Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization established in Houston, Texas in 2004. We believe cancer therapy should be targeted to only cancer cells, and should have minimal effect on normal organs, thus RITA research and studies focus on “Personalized Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy”. RITA Foundation has initiatives in both clinical and research area to fight against cancer.

Cancer Research

RITA is the sponsor of two new Investigational New Drug applications approved by FDA for treatment of neuroendocrine cancers.

RITA Foundation also sponsors Novel Basic Research projects involving labeling novel biochemical agents with therapeutic radioactive materials to create compounds for diagnosis and therapy of cancer.

Cancer Screening

RITA is the first free standing, nonprofit organization in Houston to offer Digital Mammography for screening BREAST CANCER in women. This imaging modality has significantly higher resolution and can diagnose cancer at a very early stage, with much lower radiation compared to analog mammography.

RITA Foundation also offers high resolution CT-64 slice scan of the lungs for early diagnosis of lung cancer.